Fantasy Football - Post Draft Visualization Board

This is a simple tool that gives a visualization of your draft after automatically importing your league's draft results. Colors represent the difference between where a player was picked vs their ranking, to help see which picks were good deals and which were reaches. You can compare draft picks against Yahoo's Average Draft Pick, or to Expert Consensus Rankings in either PPR or standard formats.

By signing into yahoo, you will allow us to automatically import your draft results, and compare them to Yahoo's Average Draft Pick, and Expert Consensus Rankings. We are only given read permissions, and cannot make changes to your account, league, team, or roster.

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Example Post Draft Visualization Boards

Name Number of teams
West Coast Fantasy Football 14 10
Yahoo Public 1214504 10
Copeland League 8
New Shiva Bowl 14
The Basterds 10
Mostly Asian 8
old fish 8
PB Hooligans! 12
Fantasy 2012 Seattle 12
Dong Squad 10